Welcome to Yowsbrain Right!

The other day, I started looking at my Websites and realized they were as scattered and unorganized as my recent thought patterns. I’m too busy with too many things and my catalog of blogs and Websites which I have created to promote and document my rather ecclectic life was reflecting this. Lately, I have been seeking simplicity. The left-right brain theme for Yowsbrain was working. But the hemispheres were just too out of touch with each other. Even I know that as different as the right and left brain are from each other, they are also co-dependent and the human mind, at least  mine, thrives when it can find common ground between the two.

So, I’ve decided to give each hemisphere a similar look by intituting and highly-customizable wordpress theme that will hopefully give a uniqueness to each side of  Yowsbrain while maintaining some sense of commonality. To check out my left brain and those things that might inspire me to go play Klingon Boggle, go here.